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Location (not at the place in the photo!) 10 miles East of King's Lynn in Norfolk, near Swaffham. Post Code PE32 1UG. 

I run mole trapping courses as and when required. Just ring or email me to arrange a course. Timing can be to suit you, but if no preference then I usually start at 11:30am, with about an hour in the classroom. Then something to eat, which I provide, followed by the afternoon outside. Finish about 4pm

Cost is £80. The CD Rom is free, but any other equipment you want will need to be purchased.

You will not get a certificate at the end, but you will be able to catch moles!

For contact page  CLICK HERE


A mole trapping course


How many traps do I need?

You need enough traps initially to clear an area of moles. It is no use thinking that you are going to clear a heavily infested garden with one trap.  Once an area is cleared then you need far fewer traps to keep it clear. It is difficult to advise on how many traps are needed without actually visiting a site.  As a rough guide, a small garden one trap, a medium 3 to 4, and a large one 4 to 5.  Alternatively work a section of the garden at a time, but I would recommend that you have a minimum of three traps, but that you set them all within a 30ft diameter circle. 


Stody Lodge Gardens.  Beautiful Rhododendron and Azalea gardens. Their gardeners trained by us. 

Mole Trap Suppliers

The Flat Pack Co.

By far and away the best, although their probe is not as good as mine!

More Testimonials


Thanks for the quick delivery, both parcels arrived Saturday. I read the guidance and watched the videos and then got stuck in on Sunday. This morning was our first success. The runs are very shallow here but the tuned traps and advice has certainly put a smile on my sons face as I promised him £3 a mole...... 

Could be an expensive summer! Dave P.

Hi Chris,
Had really good success with the kit you supplied me with a couple of weeks ago. Cleared my garden and my neighbours.
My three traps are now in the ground at a neighbour opposite, and I’ve been asked to tackle two more gardens – hence my second order!
The instructional stuff you supply is really very clear.

Thanks and kind regards
Nigel H


Hi Chris  I bought a molekit from you earlier this year, followed by more traps, and I thought you might like to know how I am getting on.

I have so far caught 68 moles.  The total includes 31 on my own 30 acre farm and the rest were caught on land belonging to two of my neighbours.

To my great surprise I have been asked by two farmers who have trapped moles all their lives to give them mole catching lessons. Furthermore, it seems that everyone far and wide now seems to know who I am.

The crowning glory came a fortnight ago when a local pest controller appeared at my door, wanting to ask my advice. Whatever next?  Regards Richard Martin

Dear Chris, Well what can we say, your a bloody genius!!!

David put your system into action and caught six moles! he caught 2 at the same time, one either end of the trap, so well done to you and your system, thank you very much! It has been 2 weeks since the last appearance of any hills, so David removed the traps this morning, and fingers crossed, but of course if they re-appear we know what to do!

If you are ever in the area, we would be happy to cook dinner for you to express our gratitude! Kind regards for now, Nicky

Just to let you know that I have tried the kit after purchasing at Chatsworth. 
After a year of trying with various traps and methods I caught a mole the first night and another 2 days later with your kit and expert guidance 
many thanks 

Hi Chris

I wanted to let you know how successful I've been in clearing our 8 acres of moles within 4 months and how happy we are, now that we can look out on and admire our clear fields and lawns!

Since I got your traps in June, I've caught 38 moles and for the past two weeks we have been completely mole hill free. My immediate neighbour even remarked to me how there'd been 'less mole activity' this year not realizing I was doing my best reduce it to zero, doing us both a favour!

Just received your CD Rom. Great communication skills. My wife, who is a teacher, says that you obviously realise you are trying to teach men who never read instructions!  Graeme 
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At last a trapping method that works - thanks!!! Best Regards Roy


  I think I owe you a little thanks??

  I have always classed myself as a mole catcher/pest controller and have  trapped several hundred moles over time   I have truely become a mole catcher :-)

  I thought it was beginners luck when I caught the first few, but no it  keeps happening, in fact now I am disappointed if i check traps, it has  sprung and no mole, I am expecting to and really do catch each and nearly  every time.

  And instead of before placing 10 -15 claw traps all over I now put no more  then 2 tunnel traps per mole.

  I have a new lease of life

  Thank you 

  Chris Sansom Pest Control